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Cincoze CS-115/P2102E Serves as HMI for Offshore Drilling Rig Control


Energy companies can now—through industrial IoT, sensors, and wireless network technologies—gather the accurate real-time data they need to implement automatic equipment monitoring and remote management at remote oil and natural gas operations at sea or on land.

Cincoze’s customer in Eastern Europe is a system integrator providing offshore oil platform services, and they chose the Cincoze CS-115/P2102E sunlight-readable industrial panel PC as the HMI for its automated oil rig equipment. The industrial panel PC not only provides the HMI but must also control the operation of the oil rig, analyze sensor data and upload it to the cloud so that the management team can remotely monitor the status of each oil well and ensure optimal production efficiency and perform predictive diagnostics and maintenance. With the harsh environment at sea, there are stringent requirements for ruggedness and reliability, including IP65, high-brightness touchscreen display, multiple I/O, wide operating temperature range, and more.

Customer Requirement

Sunlight-readable Touchscreen Display

The HMI for marine automation control must be an industrial panel PC with a super bright screen that is clear and easy to read in bright sunlight. It must also be IP65 waterproof and dustproof and have a 15-inch projective capacitive touch panel. Capacitive touchscreen is necessary for this application because it has a high transmittance, sensitive response, high durability, and, most importantly, it supports multitouch to provide a convenient and easy-to-use user experience for field operators.

Multiple Sensor Control

The automated drilling machine is equipped with temperature, hydraulic pressure, storage capacity, and other sensors to obtain real-time machine and environment data. Through detailed analysis and real-time monitoring, operators can effectively monitor machine operation and improve drilling productivity. All these sensors must be connected to the industrial panel PC and on top of that it is also necessary to install a gas detector card in the PCIe expansion slot.

Suitable for Harsh Working Environment

Automation equipment at sea needs to stay in operation for a long time, and both temperature and humidity severely test hardware longevity. In addition to extreme temperatures, the industrial panel PC must also continue long-term operation in a high-humidity environment at sea.

Why Cincoze?

Complete Selection of Sizes

Cincoze sunlight-readable panel PC (CS-100/P series) has a wealth of options, with sizes from 8.4” to 24”, 4:3 and 16:9 display ratios, multi-point capacitive touch, and a selection of Intel® Core™ U, Pentium®, or Atom® processor to suit computer performance needs. The highest brightness can reach 1,600 nits so it is readable under sunlight and the series is specially designed for outdoor applications. The front panel is IP65 waterproof and dustproof, 7H hardness scratch-resistant, and the rugged frame is made of die-cast aluminum, making it suitable for long-term operation in industrial environments.

Rich I/O and Modular Expansion

The CS-115/P2102E has all the essential I/O connections needed for industrial IoT peripheral devices to achieve seamless connection to the cloud. I/O includes 1x VGA, 1x DisplayPort, 2x GbE LAN, 3x USB 3.2, 4x COM, 16x isolated DIO, and more. The P2102E also provides a PCI/PCIe x4 slot to support data acquisition, motion control, or I/O cards. One M.2 2230 key E and two Mini-PCIe slots meet the needs of wireless transmissions such as Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. Cincoze’s exclusive CFM module allows the addition of IGN and PoE functions.

Rugged Design

The CS-115/P2102E has strict industrial-grade protections, including fanless and cableless design, wide operating temperature (-20 to 70°C), wide range DC input (9 to 48V), industrial-grade power protection (OVP, OCP, ESD), Reverse Power Input protection, and surge protection. It can maintain reliable operation at 40°C and 80% relative humidity.

Easy Maintenance and High Flexibility for Upgrades

Cincoze sunlight-readable panel PCs (CS-100/P series) use Cincoze’s patented Convertible Display System (Patent No. M482908) modular technology to enable the individual replacement of the industrial panel PC’s computer module and display module, reducing on-site maintenance costs and retaining the possibility of future upgrades.

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