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Experience Faster and More Efficient Postal Automation with the Cincoze DI-1000


A report released by Polaris Market Research Analysis has shown that the global market for postal automation systems reached a size of 749 million USD in 2021. It is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.56% from 2022 to 2030, with the market size expected to reach 1.309 billion USD by 2030. This growth is largely attributed to the thriving e-commerce market and online shopping, which have created a high demand for package delivery services and increased expectations for faster delivery times. Additionally, rising labor costs have also become a driving force behind the acceleration of postal service automation.

Postal automation systems are classified based on their functions, such as Culler Facer Cancellers (CFC), letter sorting machines, and parcel sorters. With recent advancements in computer CPU performance and complementary technologies like sensors, scanners, and recognition systems, postal automation systems have experienced significant improvements in processing speed and address reading accuracy. The adoption of postal automation has decreased reliance on human labor and prevented human errors, while also enhancing execution efficiency and precision.

A postal system located in Central Europe has selected the Cincoze DI-1000 high performance & power-saving embedded computer to integrate into its Parcel Sorter. The primary challenge was to overcome the continuous high-vibration usage environment. And also utilizing an Optical Character Recognition System (OCR) to identify and read postal codes, addresses, and barcodes on packages, and sort them into the correct storage areas.

Customer Requirement

Reliable performance in high-vibration environments

As the Parcel Sorter depends on a conveyor belt to transport packages with identified addresses to their designated storage areas, it is the major challenge for the embedded computer to operate robustly in this high-vibration environment.

Quick and accurate character recognition capacity

Through OCR technology, the computer can perform real-time optical character recognition of postal codes, addresses, and barcodes on packages. It needs to rely on stable and excellent computing performance to process over 50,000 objects per hour.

Rich I/O for Integration with Other Devices

The computer must have sufficient I/O interfaces to connect with sensors, lights, scanners, etc. Additionally, it must support wireless transmission to upload data to the database for package delivery tracking.

Why Cincoze?

Robust Product Design for Industrial Applications

The DI-1000 exemplifies the robust features of Cincoze’s embedded computers, including a one-piece cover, cableless, jumperless, anti-vibration kit, fanless, and shock-vibration resistant protection (5/50 Grms); moreover, it also features a range of industrial-grade protections such as a wide voltage range (9-48VDC), wide operating temperature (-40°C to 70°C), and ESD protection to ensure uninterrupted and stable operation in harsh environments.

High Performance and Power Saving

The Cincoze DI-1000 is a high-performance and power-saving embedded computer that can be equipped with Intel® 6th generation Core™ i7/i5/i3 (BGA Type) processors with only 15W TDP. It is paired with 32GB DDR4 memory, making it capable of meeting the demands of graphic computing and high-speed image processing. In terms of storage, the DI-1000 has two sets of 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD trays that can support RAID 0/1 function, providing ample storage space.”

Rich I/O & Expandability

The DI-1000’s native I/O includes 2x GbE LAN, 6x COM, 6x USB, and 8x Optical Isolated DIO. It also features both DVI and DisplayPort for digital display output. With two full-size mini PCIe slots, the DI-1000 can support the addition of wireless transmission modules. Through Cincoze’s exclusive CMI/CFM/MEC modules, it can add extra I/O or functionality such as LAN, M12, COM, USB, and Power Ignition Sensing (IGN). This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require peripheral device integration and connection.

Compact Size and Multiple mounting Options

Measuring at only 203 mm (W) x 142 mm (D) x 66.8 mm (H), and equipped with flexible mounting options such as wall-mounting, side-mounting, DIN-rail and VESA, the DI-1000 is an excellent choice for installations in narrow spaces or mobile robots.

For more advanced and complex applications, the newly launched DI-1100 advanced version is highly recommended. This compact model is equipped with 8th generation Intel® Core™ U-series i7/i5/i3 processors (TDP 15W) that offer rich I/O and expansion flexibility. Moreover, it has passed the US military equipment inspection standard (MIL-STD-810G), making it ideal for use in industrial automation, warehouse logistics, and edge computing applications.

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Boosting Productivity in the New Era of Smart Spinning: Cincoze P2102E Achieves Advanced Spinning System


It’s no secret that investment in automation can enhance business productivity. In fact, textile manufacturing has been innovating for decades, even centuries, to scale up production to the large-scale processes used in modern textile production. But now, as textile manufacturers face labor shortages, low production efficiency, and high energy consumption, they’re adopting hi-tech automation technologies to overcome those challenges. These smart, automated spinning systems combine sensors and edge data collection for centralized management and oversight of productions through a cloud control center, enabling intelligent monitoring, energy management, operational analysis, and predictive maintenance. This high-level view of operations is transformative, enabling significant reductions in production costs and energy waste while meeting discerning customers’ demands for quality, speed, and customization.

A European textile machinery manufacturer renowned for the power efficiency, flexibility, and high-quality output of its spinning machines has integrated the Cincoze P2102E into its spinning system to connect and monitor the machinery and various peripherals. They also developed custom management software integrated into the entire system. This intelligent spinning system allows factory managers and operators to perform equipment automation management from a control center or remotely using smartphones. The system’s capabilities include real-time equipment monitoring, power monitoring, energy management, and more, thereby achieving operational goals of high quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and reduced labor requirements.

Customer Requirements

Compact Computers

Textile machine manufacturers are dedicated to creating machines that save space in order to reduce their customers’ investment and maintenance costs for factory floor space. Because of this, the integrated embedded computers must also have a compact design to minimize space usage.

I/O Connectivity

To monitor the spinning system effectively, the embedded computer should be capable of acquiring data from multiple sensors, including those for fiber quality and yarn tension. It should also collect data on the surrounding environment, such as temperature and humidity. Furthermore, the computer must connect with peripherals such as PLCs, counters, and motion controllers. This means that the computer must have many I/O interfaces and PCI expansion slots to integrate with various sensors and devices.

Withstand Harsh Environments

In a harsh factory environment, the computer must be rugged and durable to ensure the continuous operation of the production line over a long period. During the process of twisting fibers into yarn, the vibrations caused by the machine’s rotational speeds pose a challenge for computers. The computer needs to have excellent durability and shock resistance to ensure the stability of the spinning system.

Why Cincoze?

Slim and Power Efficient

The P2102E, equipped with PCI/PCIe expansion slots, has a height of only 61 mm, while the P2102 without PCI/PCIe expansion slots has a height of only 41.5 mm. This slim design is suitable for various small spaces. The P2102E uses an 8th generation Intel® Core™ U-series i5/i3 processor, providing high performance with a low power consumption of only 15W TDP, making it suitable for IoT edge computing or applications in battery-powered mobile devices.

Rich I/O and Flexible Modular Expansion

The P2102E features rich I/O and additional functions suitable for connecting peripheral devices in industrial IoT. The I/O ports include 1x VGA, 1x DisplayPort, 2x GbE LAN, 3x USB 3.2, 4x COM, 16x isolated DIO, and more. The P2102E model also provides an add-on PCI or PCIe x4 slot, supporting expansion cards for data acquisition, motion control, and other I/O cards. With 1x M.2 2230 key E and 2x Mini-PCIe expansion slots, it can meet the wireless transmission needs of Wi-Fi, 4G, GNSS, and more, enabling a wireless connection to shuttle collected sensor data back to the control center for remote monitoring.

Industrial-Grade Rugged Design

The P2102E is built with the highest-spec industrial-grade components, designs, and protections for stable, long-term operation in harsh industrial environments. Features include fanless and cable-less design, wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 70°C), high shock resistance/vibration capability (50G/5G), wide-range DC power input (9-48V), and industrial-grade electrical protection (OVP, OCP, ESD, and surge). The P2102E has obtained UL 62368-1 safety certification from Underwriters Laboratories Inc., the most authoritative and credible accreditation in the United States, ensuring durability, reliability, and the safety of operators and enterprise assets.

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Cincoze Releases High-Performance & Compact Embedded Computer DX-1200 for Industrial Automation

Rugged embedded computing brand – Cincoze, recently launched the DX-1200 embedded computer, the latest addition to its Rugged Computing – DIAMOND product line. Featuring a compact and high-performance design, the DX-1200 overcomes space limitations while retaining extreme capability. The DX-1200 supports the latest 12th gen Intel Alder Lake-S processors, has a rich selection of native I/O, and supports flexible modular expansion to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. The DX-1200 inherits the same rugged features that underscore the DIAMOND product line, such as wide temperature and voltage support, and vibration and shock resistance. It has also passed a number of industry certifications, making it an ideal choice for smart manufacturing, machine vision, and edge AI applications.

12th Gen Intel Performance

The DX-1200 supports 12th gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 (Alder Lake-S) processors based on the Intel 7 process, with up to 16 cores (8P + 8E) and 24 threads, delivering more than 1.35x the processing performance of the Comet Lake-S platform. Support for up to 64GB of 4800MHz DDR5 memory with ECC technology, giving the extra stability and reliability needed for industrial automation and applications, effectively reducing the risk of failure and data loss. The Intel® Xe architecture of the UHD 770 graphics chip boosts GPU image classification inference performance to 2.8× the speed of the Comet Lake-S platform, providing the processing performance needed for AI and edge computing.

10GbE Networking and High Expandability

The DX-1200 is built to satisfy the widest range of industrial application requirements, so it includes a rich selection of native I/O interfaces, and supports optional extra I/O, such as LAN, M12, DIO, and COM, through the addition of Cincoze exclusive modules. For application environments that require high-speed transmission, the DX-1200 can be equipped with up to 4× 10Gbps LAN for the rapid delivery of large images and files. To achieve multiple network connections and reduce wire clutter, up to 8× PoE can be installed, providing both data and power through the network cable. And to meet the rapidly increasing demand for wireless networking in industrial applications, the DX-1200 provides one M.2 Key E slot and two Mini PCIe slots for the addition of WiFi, GNSS, 4G, and Bluetooth.

Tough, Secure, and Industry-Certified

The DX-1200 embodies the rugged design elements of the Rugged Computing – DIAMOND product line, providing wide temperature support (-40 – 70°C), wide voltage input (9 – 48 VDC), and overvoltage, overcurrent, and ESD protection. The DX-1200 complies with the US military shock vibration standard MIL-STD-810G and has internationally recognized UL/c-UL/EN/CB 62368-1 safety certification to further ensure product safety and reliability. To meet the requirements of specific industrial applications, the DX-1200 has also passed a number of industry certifications such as EMC EN 50121-3-2 standard in EN 50155 and the EN 45545-2 fire protection standard for railway computing, and the E-mark certification for vehicle EMC. The DX-1200 has become the best solution for industrial automation with its rich certification, rugged design, and stable performance.

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Cincoze Announces New Thin Embedded Dual-purpose Computer – P1201 Series, Combining Performance and Flexibility

Rugged embedded computer brand—Cincoze, recently launched its latest addition to the Display Computing – CRYSTAL product line, the P1201 embedded computer series. The P1201 packs the improved computing performance of the Intel Elkhart Lake platform into a thin and light body (204.5 x 149 x 41.5 mm) with flexible expansion options. The highlight is the dual-purpose design sets the P1201 apart from other embedded computers. As standard, its ultra-thin design makes it  well-suited for data collection and analysis in space-limited applications in machine equipment and control cabinets. Attach one of a range of display modules to the P1201 using Cincoze’s exclusive CDS (Convertible Display System, Patent No. M482908) technology, and it becomes a panel PC suitable for HMI applications.

New Platform Double Performance

The P1201 uses the Elkhart Lake platform Intel® Atom® x6425E quad-core processor, delivering 1.7x the single-core performance and 1.5x the multi-core performance of the previous generation Apollo Lake processors. It also supports DDR4 memory up to 32 GB and 3200 MHz. The Intel® UHD graphics chip ensures smooth graphics by doubling the processing performance of previous generations. Greatly improved computing performance shortens processing times, thereby increasing work efficiency.

One Computer Two Purposes

The ingenuity of the P1201 lies in the “one computer, two purposes” design. On its own, it is an ultra-thin embedded computer suitable for installation in narrow spaces to perform long-term, uninterrupted computing tasks. By adding a display module through Cincoze’s exclusive CDS technology, the P1201 becomes a panel PC. According to the environment and application needs, three types of panel PC are available, including industrial panel PCs (CV-100/P1201), high brightness panel PCs (CS-100/P1201), and open frame panel PCs (CO-100/P1201), with each series offering a variety of sizes, display ratios, and touchscreen options.

Suitable for HMI and Mobile Robots

The native I/O ports (GbE LAN, USB 3.2, COM, and DIO) meet the requirements of most HMI applications. For the requirement of wireless transmission in mobile robots, the P1201 supports a Wi-Fi 6/Intel CNVi/Bluetooth module through the M.2 Key E slot for faster transfers, and it supports a GNSS/4G module through the Mini PCIe slot, covering the full spectrum of wireless transmission needs.

Vibration Resistance and Industrial EMC Protection

The P1201 is typically installed in equipment, control cabinets, and mobile robots, where vibration resistance and EMC are the main challenges. The P1201 passes a range of vibration and shock tests, including random vibration (5G), sinusoidal vibration (1.5G), and shock resistance (50G), meeting the EMC testing standards for harsh industrial environments (EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4). The P1201’s high-standard, industrial-grade protections further ensure product safety by passing the UL certification for contact leakage, flammable materials, and rugged exterior.

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